2008 - 2019

I still am in shock about losing my girl, it was too fast and I wasnt ready. I have never felt so empty, but Family Pet Memorial really did an amazing job. I cant thank you enough for how amazing her paw prints are and how professional you were when you brought her home. I miss her kisses, she was such a loyal dog and we both imprinted on each other and had an amazing bond. I will always have yesca in my heart and thanks to your company I have amazing memories and I get to carry her with me every day in my urn necklace. The paw prints are going to be used to tattoo them on me. I will plant my rainbow bridge seeds in a special place for her, this is my first experience with losing a pet. I cant thank you enough for all of my keepsakes. I miss you and love you so much, my mamma dog. RIP Yesca, my love.