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Coping with Pet Loss

We understand that the loss of an animal companion can be as devastating and significant as any other major loss in your life. We are committed to providing you and your family with the support and resources you need to begin the healing process. The resources below will help you work through your grief. In additional to printed materials provided in the links below, you will find contact information for professionals with whom you can speak directly, either via phone or in person. We hope these resources will help you, your family, or a friend in need.


Pet Loss Hotline - WSU: College of Veterinary Medicine

Pet Loss Counseling and Support Services in Washington

The Pet Loss Resource Guide

Bob Brandkamp, M.S.W.
Certified Counselor
(509) 993-1656
Download Brochure (PDF)

Bob is dedicated solely to working through grief issues associated with the lose of an animal companion. As an M.S.W. trained counselor, and long time pet owner, he understands that the grief experienced as the result of the loss of a pet can be as painful as other lifetime losses.

Bob's Mission is "To provide a safe, understanding environment in which you, your family, or child can work through the grief issues associated with the loss of a pet."


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